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Flavour & Fragrance

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from herbs, plants and flowers. There are more than 300 types of oils that can be extracted. They are 75-100 times more potent than dried herbs and should be used with care. They are also sensitive to sunlight and should be stored in dark bottles and kept in a cool area. The term "100% pure and natural essential oil" is used to describe oils that contain only the extract of a particular plant.

Essential oils get absorbed into our body and exert an influence on it. The residue gets dispersed from the body naturally. All pure essential oils should be diluted in a carrier/ base oil and used. It is your choice and desire as to how you would like to use them. If you have a high sensitivity it is best to start treatment with a lower dose and work up. Sensitivity can vary according to the herbs used. Some herbs have a mild effect like that of Chamomile.

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A freshly brewed mocha cappucino

This fragrance is a classic powdery, floral fragrance. Everyone knows the sweet, memorable smell of Baby Powder and for most, it evokes memories of a sweeter, more simple time.

A crisp, fruity mix of green ozone, sweet strawberry, juicy raspberry, peach, jasmine and pineapple. Completed with nuances of citrus, carnation and musk.

Bubble Gum fragrance oil is definitely the fragrance of the big pink gum. It really does smell of a big fat sweet.

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